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Testimonials on IQMM Seminars

We would love for you to come to our studios, attend our seminar and tell us what you think. Quality Meals are easier and more affordable than you think. Factor in all the money you will save from the medicine you will NOT have to take anymore and the seminars can easily pay for themselves in no time.

Until you have time to come in and create your own opinion of our course, here is what previous customers have said...

"I was VERY skeptical about the IQMM Seminars. After all, there is no shortage of free information online about health, diet and nutrition. Well, I guess you get what you pay for! The seminars were FANTASTIC and really changed the way I view health and wellness. I highly recommend their seminars - every instructor was terrific."

- Boblie, F. Fall 2014 Seminar Attende

"If you care about your health, you need to try the IQMM Seminars. Not only will you learn all about diet and nutrition, you will also become a better Chef. Before the course, pretty much all I could make was toast. Now, I am able to make these incredibly healthy meals for my whole family and get only takes about 20 minutes. I have never felt better!"

Lisa Ann, G. Summer 2014 Seminar Attende

"On the face of it, the seminars made no sense to me. They cost money, I had to come to the studio in Philly. Why not just sit at home at watch free stuff on the web? Well, only because my best friend said these seminars changed her life, I decided to give it a try.

In a word - WOW! Now I get what all the fuss is about. Because you do the seminar live and in person, you are much more involved. It is interactive, you are learning, asking questions, cooking food, eating food and making friends! It was sort of like being in college again.

The whole idea of attending a live seminar in the age of the internet seems wrong - but it is actually so RIGHT! It just works. The instructors are great, the other people in the class are awesome - just a wonderful experience from start to finish. If you are in the Philly area - Just Do It!"

Mary H., Summer and Fall 2015 Seminar Attende

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