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Our studio in Philadelphia, PA is where we record all of our seminars. While our focus is always on creating incredible and actionable content related to diet, nutrition and doesn't hurt to have the seminars look nice as well :)

Our state of the art facility allows you to sit in comfort as you absorb incredible information. We have full kitchen stations so you can test out our Instant Quality Meals and see first hand how incredibly easy it is to prepare our meals and medicine.

In addition to attending a live seminar, you can also come to our studio to watch any of our past seminars. We have A/V stations that allow you to watch the seminars in comfort.

Of course, watching all these seminar will make you hungry for delicious and healthy food - so stop by Instant Quality Meals Restaurant.

For pricing, schedules and more - just email or call us (contact info on the right hand side).

Please feel free to visit our studio (Monday-Saturday, 7am EST - 9pm EST)